Developing a coop funding plugin for WordPress

We’re aiming to build a crowd action platform for coops. You can participate by contributing to the crowdfunding campaign. See Additional Information for details about the Rewards packages.

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We’re raising funds to develop a crowdfunding plugin for WordPress that co-operatives can use…

Co-operatives are the original crowdfunding organisations. What is new is that platform technologies make it easier to raise money from a network. Our aim is to help bring these technologies to co-operatives recognizing that the opportunity for co-operatives is to enable a whole lot more than a typical crowdfunding platform. Co-operatives already have the crowd, what they need are affordable, scaleable technologies to better interact with them.

We aim to help co-operatives to do more than raise funding from their members. We want to help them truly engage their members to participate in the development and governance of their co-operative.

The aim is to develop a technology solution that helps co-operatives to engage their members:

  • To raise funding;
  • To interact and gather feedback;
  • To recruit volunteers;
  • To manage events; and
  • To assist with governance and voting.



This crowd-funding campaign is to raise money to develop a WordPress plugin and extend the existing integration between and WordPress. With these elements in place, we can then have a complete technology suite upon which we can build further capabilities as required.

Additional information

Passionate supporter

All contributors will become part of the community…and receive a personalised "Brick" postcard as recognition of their role in bringing down the walls that divide us.

Co-operative contributor

An alternative is to gather your community\\'s donations together into a single contribution that can be applied to reduce the first 12 months costs of using the platform. (Subject to a minimum contribution of $2500.)

Founding member

Join the founding members of by contributing $25,000 for the first 12 month development and maintenance costs. (Available to approved organisations only.)

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