Our Workshops

Co-operative Bonds offers the following workshops and other opportunities – contact us for more information

Co-op 101+

Build an appropriate structure

2-3 hour workshop that will take you through the fundamental types of co-operatives, how they work, and the legal and operating structures that underpin them – accompanied by examples relevant to your industry. This workshop specifically enables you to: understand the social, cultural and economic purpose of co-operatives; discover how co-operative principles can apply to business strategy; understand how governance works within a co-operative context; understand the relationship between co-operative primary activities and active membership obligations (including legal obligations); identify the difference between co-operatives, mutuals and other legal models; demonstrate awareness of community investment methods; and, onfirm whether the co-operative model is right for the proposed enterprise. This workshop is usually undertaken after Build a Co-op.

Build a Co-op

Create a viable business model

2-3 hour workshop to support you to be able to: understand what a co-operative business model is and why it is relevant when forming a co-operative; utilise our Co-operative Business Model Canvas to design a co-operative business model; understand the importance and features of strategic and operational plans in a co-operative context; understand how to translate a business model into a co-operative business plan (by being able to identify the key elements required and why they are important to the success of a co-operative); and, demonstrate how the key features of a co-operative business plan translates to the co-operative rules and governance framework (this is further developed in the Rules and Roles workshop).

Rules and Roles

Formation and good governance

2-3 hour workshop to support you to be able to: ascertain role of the board; identify director duties; recognise the difference between and functions of various boards; understand in detail the relationship between board, sub-committees, and general meetings and delegation of authority focussing on role clarity; understand dispute resolution processes; grasp the process for establishing a co-operative; appreciate the unique characteristics of non-distributing (including charitable) and distributing co-operatives in relation to fundraising; identify steps to establish co-operative formation, registration, and disclosure; identify key regulatory compliance obligations; consider various member engagement and communication strategies.

Co-op Capital

Member and community fundraising

2-3 hour workshop designed specifically for member-owned enterprises that takes you through different types of funding structures that may be open to your community (and the mechanics of running your own fund raising campaign) e.g. member and community based crowdfunding and other social investment strategies available to co-operative and mutual enterprises. 

Member-to-Member Mentoring

Individual support

Members of Co-operative Bonds are available for regular mentoring appointments to assist you to build your capacity to develop or redevelop your member-based enterprise with confidence. 

Co-operative & Mutual Development


Using an adult learning development approach our members are available to provide tailored consulting services in a range of areas in order to meet the specific needs of member-driven enterprises in a range of areas including: governance and policy; business model development; education and training; environmental economics, and beyond.